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Giving those affected by Cystic Fibrosis reason to Believe

How is CF Treated?

There are many treatments needed to maintain the Cystic Fibrosis. The treatment depends upon the stage of the disease and the organs involved. Clearing mucus from the lungs is an important part of the daily CF treatment regimen. Chest physical therapy is a form of airway clearance done by vigorous clapping on the back and chest to dislodge the thick mucus from the lungs or using a machine called "The Vest". Other types of treatments include inhaled bronchodilators and antibiotics through a nebulizer or inhaler, as well as many oral medications including antibiotics and vitamins. Approximately 90 percent of all people with CF take pancreatic enzyme supplements to help them absorb food in digestion.

In more severe cases of CF patients will need to undergo a lung transplant. This depends heavily on whether or not a compatible donor can be found and whether the patient is strong enough to endure the operation. Once performed, medication to prevent organ rejection has to be taken for the rest of their life. This medication has the side effect of making them even more prone to infection, something a person with CF certainly doesn't need.